Limited Edition Print - "The Misfits - 1960"  

Star parade in Reno during the filming of "The Misfits", 1960.   

Print on Polyester with lightweight patented aluminium tension hanging system.  

Size: Europe 60cm x 75cm - U.S./World 24" x 30" .  

100 prints in this edition.   

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Marilyn Monroe was terrified at the thought of working with Clark Gable. As a child growing up in foster homes and with her single mother, she had slept with Gable's picture under her pillow and fantasized that he was her father. The night before their first scene together, she couldn't sleep without a large dose of Nembutal. As a result, she was two hours late getting to the set. When she apologized to Gable, he simply said, "You're not late, honey," and led her aside to talk. Throughout the filming, he treated her with the same courtesy.

(Source: IMDb)

Watch a trailer from The Misfits below:

Material Print on Polyester with lightweight patented aluminium tension hanging system
Dimensions Europe 60cm x 75cm - U.S./World 24" x 30"
Photographer Unknown
Year 1960
Prints in this edition 100
Movie Info (Source: IMDb)
Movie Title The Misfits
Release Date 1961
Cast Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift, Thelma Ritter, Eli Wallach, James Barton, Kevin McCarthy, Estelle Winwood
Director John Huston
Genre Drama | Romance | Western
Storyline Roslyn Taber (Marilyn Monroe), the type of woman who turns heads easily, recently came to Reno to get a quickie divorce, she having no idea what to do with her life after that. She cannot tolerate seeing animal suffering, let alone human suffering. Coinciding with getting the divorce, Roslyn meets friends Gay Langland and Guido, a divorced aging grizzled cowboy and a widowed mechanic respectively. Although Guido makes no bones about wanting to get to know Roslyn in the biblical sense and although he "saw her first", Roslyn begins a relationship with Gay, despite Roslyn's friend Izzy Steers, who originally came to Reno years ago to get her own divorce and never left, warning her about cowboys as being unreliable, and despite Roslyn initially not being interested in Gay "in that way". Gay has grown children who he rarely sees and wishes he was there for more than was the case. Gay and Roslyn move into the under construction farmhouse owned by Guido, which he was building for his wife before she died. ... Written by Huggo

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The Misfits - 1960

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